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ooh lala!!!

I had such a lovely day today my darlings!!! I went to an afternoon showing of Naughty Boys 3:Precinct 69, and I came across a most fantastic sight- it was Jon and Bud!!! (A.K.A. JUD) Making MAD, PASSIONATE, LOVE right in the front row for everyone (everyone being me of course!!!) to see!!! Their young, naked bodies were tangled together and slick with sweat, and their moans could be heard from outside the theatre. This, of course, was not nearly as wonderful as what happened friday-

I made the silly decision to ditch the assembly. All was well until I decided to return to the school early just to see if I could pull it off without getting caught. It turns out that I couldn't. Beautiful Mr. Cushing was waiting outside in the teacher parking lot for school to end. It would appear that he too did not want to attend the assembly. At this point I could only see his back, but when he heard the click clacking of my heels he turned his head and beckoned me towards him. As soon as I reached him I noticed something rather peculiar. The same Jon that I mentioned before had his head right between my lovely art teacher's thighs doing something that only a year earlier would be very very illegal.

I blushed furiously, having had fantasies about this almost every day, and turned away. Mr. Cushing grabbed Jon's hair and pulled him away, forcing him to look at me. "You remember Miss Cooksey, right?" He said, running his fingers through the younger boy's hair. Jon nodded and stared at me, licking his lover's fluids from his lips. Cushing looked at me, his lips turned up in a grin that I knew all too well. "This is a very bad thing that you're doing, ditching the assembly." I continued to blush and nodded in agreement. He continued,"Of course, we are guilty of the same crime. I figure we can enjoy this time together." He looked to me for a reaction. My eyes widened, and I smiled sheepishly.

"Good! Now sit back and enjoy the show." I leaned back against the nearest car, and watched as Mr. Cushing forced Jon back into his previous position. I was frozen as I watched them, eagerly awaiting the moment when Cushing would moan Jon's name, cum in his mouth. That moment came soon enough, and when it did, I ran to the car and quickly went home to change my underwear!!!

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